• Clearly Gold Rosin Presses

    Was born in Calgary, Alberta, in the heart of Western Canada. Our journey started with seeing a need for a quality Canadian made rosin press for all levels of the rapidly developing cannabis industry. Our family at CLEARLY GOLD believes that solvent free cannabinoid extracts, pressed directly from the plant, is the purest form of resin. The resin accumulated from pressing, known as rosin, has a much broader use than traditional flowers. 

  • With Over 30 Years Experience

    in steel fabrication and manufacturing, we couldn’t ignore the serious flaws of the expensive and sub par presses on the market today. CLEARLY GOLD sees the huge opportunity to provide safe and reliable, clean solvent free rosin to every household. We always strive at CLEARLY GOLD to produce a clean, compact design that can fit anywhere in yourhome.

    At CLEARLY GOLD we pride ourselves on having a rosin press for every level of the industry. We now offer a massive 150 ton behemoth that will smash down an industry leading 500 grams per squish.

  • As Solvent Free Extracts

    Have become more main stream, Clearly Gold also took the next step in the solvent free world. We developed a 55 gallon ice water hash system. It is aimed at individuals or companies that are serious about eliminating harsh chemicals from their extracts by using only pure fresh water.