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With decades of manufacturing and fabrication experience, we developed a quality rosin press to compete with the best on the market. For any amount of material you are looking to process, we have you covered. From home counter top models all the way into industrial applications.

CLEARLY GOLD frames are hand built and designed to optimize structural integrity while staying as lightweight as possible.

CLEARLY GOLD presses are built using only the finest quality industrial grade components. Our design team at CLEARLY GOLD has developed a platform that will accommodate everyone from the novice presser to the most serious industrial extractor.

CLEARLY GOLD  will never stop producing quality products while creating jobs and giving back to the community.



We have had many requests for a video on how the squishing process works, what you need to remember when squishing your product and the overall functionality of our press.  Please take a look at the video and if you have any questions please feel free to reach out and we will be more than happy to assist!

Temperature Controller – Your temperature controller is factory set for 100 Celsius. It is a P.I.D. controller. It will learn its set temperature when turned on. It is normal for it to over and under shoot the temperature and take time until it levels out.

Selecting a new Temperature – Press and hold S button 5 seconds. Adjust ˄ or ˅ button. Press S button again to set a new temperature. When you adjust the temperature, it needs to relearn its new set temperature and the temperature will not stabilize until it zeros into the new temperature. This can take up to one hour. This process must be done every time it is shut off if you wish to have the temperature set to something other than 100 Celsius.

Selecting the right rosin bag micron size and controller temperature – At Clearly Gold, we carry 3 standard sizes of bags, 25, 37, 90. Though, you can use a 37 or 25 micron bag for flower or buds, here is what we suggest for the best squish.   In regard to temperature, people will often have their own preference or opinion on what works best for them, but this is what we recommend:

25 micron – 87 Celsius – Hash/Bubble Hash – recommend doubling up the bags

37 micron – 100 Celsius – Keif

90 micron – 103 Celsius – Flower/Buds

Temperature settings will vary based on the amount of product, quality of product and humidity content.

Temperature Settings – It is important to remember that the longer the rosin stays on the hot plates, it will deteriorate and start losing its terpenes rather quickly. It is always best to get the product in, squish and remove from the press in a timely matter. The lower the temperature, the more the terpenes are preserved.

Temperature settings should be adjusted for different material being pressed. As you get to know your press and your product being press you will formulate your own opinions on what temperatures to use.