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Clearly gold

Hash Kit - 6 Piece Hash Bag Set

Hash Kit - 6 Piece Hash Bag Set

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A Clearly Gold we believe in only the purest forms of cannabis extraction there is. To complement our full line of rosin presses we have developed an Ice Water Hash Extraction system. Ice water hash or Bubble Hash as it is some times call  uses only ice cubes and cold water to aid in removing the oil rich trichomes from the plant material. With a series of progressively finer screens, plant matter and other undesirable material if filtered out , leaving only a very pure form of concentrated trichomes, better known as Hash

Our 55 gallon wash tanks are made of food grade, sanitary stainless steel. Each insulated wash tank comes with 3 access ports: a skim valve, a bottom drain valve and a sight glass view port. We also include a complete sets of wash filter bags. In micron sizes: 220 work bag and 160, 90, 75, 45 and 25 filtration bags

Wash bag sets only available in this package

Weight 8 lbs

Dimensions 10 × 10 × 1 in

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